Hacker Hours Astoria

Offering “free office hours for programming help” open to anyone, regardless of age, background, or skill level.

#nptech weekly

Packaging up the best news and information about nonprofit technology into a weekly email.

Work in Progress

Measure twice, cut once, make espresso, repeat.

Alysia Thomas

A minimalist e-commerce site for a line of printed goods.

Regency Bar & Grill

For this project, I worked with my friends at Mucca to translate their design into a responsive, single-page site scaffolded with Yeoman and integrated with a custom CMS.

Aretsky’s Patroon

Mucca brought me on board to build a site for the revamped Patroon, based on their designs. I used it as an opportunity to experiment with Foundation and Expression Engine. (2014)

Dirt Candy Shop

Dirt Candy is a crazy-popular vegetarian restaurant in New York’s East Village. I designed and developed their e-commerce shop to coincide with the publication of the Dirt Candy Cookbook. I built the project using Spree, a Rails-based, open source e-commerce platform. They've since sold over six figures worth of cookbooks, apparel, and restaurant gift certificates. (I'm currently developing a new site for Dirt Candy's new, expanded location.) (2013)


Supermarket (sold in 2013) is a marketplace connecting independent designers with fans and customers that I launched with an in-house design and development team. From 2008-2011 I managed the site's design & development and played a key role selecting designers and products for the marketplace. I also ran campaigns targeted at journalists and editors, resulting in coverage from publications including Time Out New York, GQ, New York Magazine, and the New York Times.

Gypsy Camp Studios

Jen Fineran is an accomplished NYC-based film editor whose recent work includes the Oscar-nominated Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. I designed and developed her site using Refinery, an open source Ruby CMS. (2013)

Oliver Burkeman

Oliver Burkeman is an author and a columnist for The Guardian newspaper. I redesigned and rebuilt his blog using Refinery, an open source Ruby content management system. (2012)


Cuteorama was a personal Sinatra project. I built the web application and collaborated with an Objective-C developer to create a Mac app. It was a fun way to experiment with API design, to build & deploy an application using the Heroku process model, to experiment with Twitter Bootstrap, and to make my girlfriend (now wife) laugh. (2012)


Moop is an independent handbag designer and manufacturer in Pittsburgh. I designed their storefront using the Blueprint grid and developed a custom theme for Shopify, a Ruby-based e-commerce platform. (2012)


Wedzu is an e-commerce marketplace connecting brides-to-be with small businesses that want to help make their wedding awesome. I designed the site and worked with a Rails developer to build custom e-commerce features, including tools for product discovery and customer feedback. (2011)

Felt & Wire Shop

Felt & Wire Shop was an e-commerce marketplace built for Mohawk Fine Papers. As the project lead, I oversaw the implementation of a custom design and the development of e-commerce features while working closely with the client. The site is powered by a custom-developed Ruby on Rails application that functions as a shopping cart, blog, and CMS. (2011)

Makers Market

Makers Market was an e-commerce marketplace developed for Make Magazine. I was the project lead and worked closely with the client and my own design and development team to translate complex and fluid requirements into working software. (2010)